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Dynamic Mobile Approvals

Dynamic Mobile Approvals

Karmic Labs system allows for employees to request specific amounts of cash for specific events. Managers can easily approve. Employers have organizational oversight.

Budget and cash flow planning tools

Linked to execution and management of dynamic funds movement combined with real-time expense management as a core system feature from which other services will grow.

Simplified Real Time Reports

Simplified Real Time Reports

Data integration to card level with auto-tagging eliminates or reduces time on administrative roles.

Increased Employee Hapiness & Productivity

Increased Employee Satisfaction & Productivity

Happier employees as they no longer have to "borrow" corporate cards and can eliminate time consuming expense reporting with the instant expense classification and receipt management.

Easily distribute configurable expense cards to everyone in your organization.

Lets me allocate funds throughout my company and track the flow of cash
Jim - Executive Assistant
$0 Daily
$0 monthly
Can request or be sent money
Victor - Sales Executive
$800 Daily
Max $4,000 Monthly
Victor - Sales Executive
$100 Daily
Up to $500 on demand
Max $3,000 Monthly
Sara - Operations
$600 Daily
$5,000 Monthly
Simon - Marketing
Zero normal allowance
$2,000 for travel this week

Budget Driven

Card spending linked directly to allocated budgets

Manage Approvals

Easily flag or approve all of your transactions

Dynamic Controls

Recurring billing and payment management

Right now we offer this core service for free, including cards

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